Thursday, March 4, 2021

Fiona Signed Out From The Sky

March 04, 2021 12 Comments
I have always liked airports since teenager for some reason. It feels like there is a big unknown journey or adventure (or home) that awaits me whenever I'm waiting for a flight, and there is something advanced and futuristic whenever I see an aircraft (my favorite are Concorde and Hercules). Hence, in 2017, when I passed all of the tests and was invited to join a management trainee program in one of the Indonesian airlines, I just signed it with the benefit of the doubt (though the stamp dislodged twice when I stroke my signature on it, what omen was that lol). The first year was exceptional as I met amazing people as mentors and fellow MT. Despite the sweat and trials, I'm grateful to have all of these crazy and hilarious experiences to tell my future kids.
This time I won't write much, but I went through my hard disk and decided to compile the visual memories into 3 videos. Below you will see the three videos that summarize my four years of working in the aviation industry. Since this is quite a personal experience, the videos use casual Indonesian. Gomen.. >///<

The first video revolved around the beginning year of me coping with the new environment and knowledge as a trainee. I've always been a fast packer, but then I learned to get ready for a business trip within 45 minutes, so a new record was made. Also, I learned to work with the thing I dislike most: numbers.

The second video shows the time I lived in Kupang and Biak for few months. To be honest, in one of the footage of me being dumbstruck after Biak placement was announced, I had no idea where Biak was but still signed anyway, and then I frantically searched the map once I was back on my seat. I probably wouldn't see East Indonesia had they did not send me there. Good ol' story this one. Oh, you can see more about Semau Island here.

The third video is the last, and it showcases the office life I had after finally settling down in the Head Office until my last day of working there. There I found long-term friends both in and outside the office as I grew a wider view of lifestyles and people, and how to work with them.


This is my profile picture in Linkedin. Ehe.. (Photo Credits: Fajar and Putri)

On the day I extended my farewell, the message from Bu Yuwan lingered with me for a long time. She is an iconic figure in the company and these four years, I was often being mistaken as her by a lot of people. The funniest was when I needed days to convince my District Manager in Biak that I'm not blood-related to Bu Yuwan and that I was not sent there for espionage purposes lol. Anyway, that day Bu Yuwan told me that she remembered me most during the CMT interview because, despite the environment and family condition, I still grew up well and radiate kindness. She said I'm strong but kind, and that I should be proud, be content and always continue to choose right. I didn't cry at all during the meaningful life talk but after that, I walked to a corner to stare at a wall for some time so my red nose can go back to its original complexion.


On my last day, I made her a 30-minute sketch during lunch break and I put it on her desk with a bar of chocolate and UC-1000. May she lives a long, healthy and happy life.


It's not the cool part I'm gonna miss, but the childish things like slipping in between divider for toilet shortcuts when no one's looking, the snack hunts from desk to desk (especially when on period), having a creepy secret admirer who put roses on my table, random slaps on the arms, Aldo's sliding tackle or him pushing all of the elevator buttons, and Khien's amusing remarks on how unusually fearless (slash stupid) I am when confronting unfairness. I don't usually keep the cool stuff in memory but there are two things I would definitely tell my kids; one is the time when I handled a project carrying 3300 passengers in 20 direct flights from Jakarta to Danang and back that it went to MURI, and the most satisfying one: when I retrieved 24 university certificates of us MT that were held as collateral for our four-year working contract, just a year before the contract ends. Now as I'm about to start a new chapter in the creative industry as a Leader of Project Managers in the biggest webtoon production house in Indonesia, I'm sure there will be more crazy and hilarious stories to create as much as new challenges to overcome.


Thank you for reading through and with this, I announce to the world that..

Fiona officially signed out from the sky! :)