Sunday, February 7, 2021

Bertaut, Sorai, Rumpang: My Indonesian Playlist of Nadin Amizah

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I find myself listening to Nadin Amizah songs a lot lately. I like the feels of straightforwardness about life that is bitter but is taken brightly. In case you haven't heard her songs before, you can start from these three on my top playlist: 


"Bun, hidup berjalan seperti bajingan" ("Mum, life goes on like a bastard" lol) is the song's first line. I first heard it on the radio inside a grab car on my way to work. That day, I spent half a day convincing myself (again) in front of a mirror to be strong and just go, (I've been going to the office around 10 or 11 am, sometimes 1 pm) because I was in a constant struggle to find good reasons to still work from office on daily basis in this corona time besides the bills I had to pay. I had hoped better job interviews would come sooner. Anyway, when that first line hit and broke my reverie, I was still looking out the car window but I was all ears, and the more I listened, the more I smiled. I'm intrigued by the full-fledged Indonesian poetic wording. Also, that was the most ear-candy I ever heard someone said "bajingan" haha. I looked the song up and realized it's the same singer who sang Sorai.

Imagine having a daughter who thinks like this about us. A mini us who looks up to us, always finds strength in us, whom we'll love no matter what. Imagine it feels like having both heartbeats linked (bertaut).  


It was my birthday night in 2019. I was sitting on a front deck of a boat cruising a huge river, resembling the river in the Anaconda movie, in Kalimantan. Stretching my legs looking at fireflies twinkling in between the jungle trees and the shimmering moonlight reflected on the dark water, I took a deep breath. Then, a little sister from work sat beside me saying nothing but playing this song on speaker. We sat in silence inhaling our surroundings and letting the cold night wind combing our messy hair. We know it would be quite a work to untangle them later, but we couldn't care less. It was a one-time moment of our lives. Now whenever I hear this song, it brings me back to that peaceful and carefree night. The night when I didn't have to worry about where I was going and had no one in mind because the boat was undeniably heading home despite in the darkness. Huh, I do sound like a soul taken by a Grim Reaper on an afterlife boat. :v

People met in a time frame, like passengers on a bus. They can sit side by side, but once their purposes for each other are done, they split again to continue their journeys to their destinations. They can only cheers (sorai) for their paths were once met.  


"Katanya mimpiku 'kan terwujud, mereka lupa tentang mimpi buruk" (They say my dreams will come true, they forget about the nightmares). No matter how much we pray about it, everyone will inevitably be left by someone; a family member, friend, lover, even enemy. It's weird but listening to the sweet melody seems to help bringing peace and acceptance about it in a beautiful way.

If you notice, you can't find the title in its lyric but you can feel the void (rumpang) of someone's existence or dreams deciphered throughout the song. I hope when you're listening to it and you're all healed, it will draw a smile on your face, for the void is embraced and accepted. :)