Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Dental Check Up - Dentists Have Fillings Too

One of these days, I finally went to a dentist to get my teeth checked. I've canceled the appointment twice before, but there is no running from this. If you know me in real life, you'd know that even without the pandemic, I hate seeing doctors and hospitals -especially dentists. It's never personal. I was maybe stabbed to death in a dental clinic in the previous life or something, haha, wakaranai. I went quite far that I even pulled out 95% of my milk teeth by myself back when I was in elementary as they began to loosen just because I didn't want a dentist to pull them out for me. Now, my adult teeth are crowding, and my molars got lines on them (apparently), not to mention the tartar. I know I need a dentist. We all do.


I left my office just before lunchtime, and I got to the dentist early. The dentist's front desk asked me to wait on a red sofa, and there I sat overhearing the constant screeching of drill sounds. I tried to read an e-book but couldn't really focus, so I opened my front camera to give myself the self-encouragement I needed. I took a selfie too. Below you'll see my face trying to stay calm while waiting on a sofa. Smiling, but it signaled, "Yo. Help me." :') *held my hand* *did the infamous butterfly hug* *telling myself I'm a cool adult* Then the nurse's voice cut my self-talk. She gave me PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, or APD in Indonesian) and helped me put it on like a lady-in-waiting dressing a crown princess. It was pretty awkward but okay.



I was thankful for an articulate dentist with a pretty visual until she told me I got four teeth in need of fillings that day and some scaling too. Also, in the next visit, she will be slicing at least six of my front teeth, and then I'll be all set for my teeth aligner. "SIX?" I took a glance at a white box full of drill needles nearby, and she caught on. She picked up one small drill needle saying that in my next visit, she would use that one on me. It will only slice 0.5mm per teeth at most so it won't hurt. That day I only need to get four teeth filled and scaled first. *laugh and cry* Okay..

I opened my front cam again for another self-encouragement as the dentist was filling some form. I remember thinking, "This PPE makes me look like I was gonna go under the knife. Ah, they say a kidney is worth $262,000, but I kind of still need them both intact." The dentist cut my random thought and asked me to raise a hand if I felt pain. I raised my hand a lot, only to signal her to pull her hand out of my mouth so I can ask questions. "What is that tool for?" "Is it gonna hurt?" "Why should I wear these glasses? Is the water gonna go into my eyes?" "What liquid is that? Is it for anesthesia?" "What are you doing now?" "Welp, I swallowed a bit of the drill water. Is it okay?" The dentist was a Goddess for putting up with me so nicely. She said I was too funny. What a sugarcoat for a girl who's anxious with sharp objects. Well, she moved fast. I stretched my jaws a bit after it was all done. It wasn't bad.


Afterward, she did my dental print, and my most-awkward-moment-of-the-week award went to this. She put her hand inside my mouth, not doing anything, just holding and pressing on the mold there. Three minutes for the upper jaw and three more minutes for the lower jaw. I know it's a normal thing to do, but I'm not even sure if I wanted to put the picture here. I took one for a family update, but you know what, I canceled posting it here because it looks super weird. I'll just describe the picture for you, alright. There was me frowning, staring elsewhere with my mouth wide opened because the dentist's fingers were placed idle in my mouth while she stood so close. I wanted to ask more questions, but I couldn't, so I just stared at my dentist with raised eyebrows, but then I gave up and looked elsewhere again, thinking about kidney. That day was indeed the longest time my mouth had been shaken, with all the scaling, drilling, filling, and printing. :')

That day too, I went home feeling more adult than ever. I faced one more of my childhood fears.


When I checked my phone on the way home, there were lots of notification from 2 work-groups. I held on to my phone the whole time but didn't feel the vibration at all, I wonder. One group sent me gratitude messages because I managed our Management Trainee group's funds and handled the condolences flower board for Sriwijaya Air SJ-182. The other group was a misunderstanding chaos. It was okay soon after I stepped in, but I still laugh as I write this. I can only say that there was this abbreviation from HR that was mistaken for something insulting by my team that they got so mad. How I like mediating disputes like this. :3


You might also notice that in this post I didn't show my before-after teeth. It's because I save it for my future post covering my whole teeth-aligner journey. I promise I will attach everything there. Please look forward to it if you read this~ See you in the other post!

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