Friday, December 4, 2020

# ash # hairdye

Quick Review: Mise En Scene Hello Cream - Cool Ash

You can bet that I was one of you people who tried new things at home during quarantine in the first half of 2020 to stay sane. From drawing on the wall like Rapunzel, cooking new recipes from Tiktok, learning Korean in Duolingo, installing Tinder to find language partner (silly me), cutting my own hair and bangs while watching YouTube tutorials, and finally dyeing my hair with crazy colors.


I will jot down a bit of my hair history before I colored it with Cool Ash from Mise En Scene Hello Cream. Couples of months ago, I agreed to model for my friend's hair product. She bleached my hair twice and pink pastel was applied on the outer part of my hair while purple on the inner layer. The product was from Italy and it was good, but I gotta admit that the color combination was too eye catching that whenever I went for groceries people were always staring like I was some K-pop idol undercover, or odd specimen. To stop the feeling of being a circus lion, the same friend put bleach one more time a week after and dyed my hair in full magenta. I thought, I would just dye it back to brown once office is starting. However, after a month or so, I decided to dye it brown myself..and somehow, my hair turned moss green lol..which is still a mystery to me. After that, I just applied stronger dark-brown color the next week. What a crazy year for my hair. >.<

Now that the moss green was starting to show again, I was kind of curious if ash color would stand out okay on my bleached moss green hair. If you're wondering, my natural hair color is dark brown, but the only two colors I'm willing to stick permanently with are ash brown and light brown. Since I don't think I'll torture my hair with bleach again in the upcoming years, so I'll just try ash now. I can always pull off the light brown without bleach later on.

The package arrived with some cheap Blackpink card, I don't think I need to take a picture of it, so let's just have a look on the stuff inside the box now :3


The box came with a bottle of oxidant (02), additional bottle cap for the oxidant bottle, colorant (01), wrapping ampoule (03), a sachet of hair conditioner, a pair of plastic glove and a plastic cape. Yes, a cape. You read it right.

The oxidant filled one third of the bottle. It came with another comb-like shaped cap.

These two would be mixed into that oxidant bottle together.

This conditioner has the best smell ever! I wonder if I should order just the conditioner later.
A manual. It was written in Korean, and even though I've learned
some words, I still had to use google translate cam. :(
I rarely found gloves that fits my thin fingers, so it was nice that this pair stayed most of the times.
Oh! It's a bit stretchy by the way, so big fingers will fit just fine too.
Now that all set, let's proceed with the steps:  
It looked like this after the oxidant (02) was mixed with colorant (01) and wrapping ampoule (03) ..then I changed the cap too. 
Now putting on the plastic cape. It was just a simple cape but it made
the work easier because I don't need to wash extra towel after.
(This pic also serves as my "before" picture)
I didn't take pictures while I was applying the color, because..well, I couldn't. :/ However, the process was indeed so much easier with the comb head cap. It helped to even out the color with the same hand that did the coloring. I started from the inner layer of the hair outwards and I applied quite boldly too. Even so, when I was done, there was still quite an amount of coloring left. I waited for around 30 minutes, then I washed my hair. I applied the conditioner and I really love the smell, haha. After that, I dried it out with a hair dryer and taadaa! It was done.
Here are the pictures of the result:  
Taken indoor. Hair looked darker and the ash color appeared to be.. silhouettes.
It was hard to capture the ash, I wonder, because on camera my hair appeared to be browner than how it really was.
Only the hair ends looked kind of ash-ish right there.
    From above and a bit of the side again.

Under the sun, out on the balcony.

I'd say I like it ash, but by the time I'm writing this, the annoying moss green is already starting to show again and it's only been two week-ish. ;( I can't wait until my hair grows much longer then I'll lose the bleached part completely before starting with anything new again, that if I still want to try anything new at all. :p