Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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Playing Golf For The First Time [For Laugh]

Last weekend, I had fun trying out golf for the first time. I can't say I played it right, but there was progress and we at least had a good laugh that day.

There are some mistakes that you probably won't even make, or maybe you might. In my case, at some point I thought I was too light because my body just carried away a bit too much every time I made a swing. This also happened when I tried bowling for the first time, I had to plant my feet in a weird anime stance just because I almost fell into the bowling track as soon as I swung the ball, but that's another story. This time, when I tried golf, I realized that basic technique really matters.  

Below is a video compilation of me playing golf for the first time, first half of it I spent laughing though.

Hope you still enjoy it! :3

Place: Modern Golf & Country Club, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Song: Champagne Problems - Taylor Swift. Taken using: Oppo A9. Video editor: Soloop (found randomly on my mobile after updating system).

You can see in the beginning of the video that I didn't use any ball at all. I just learned how to hit the rubber used to place the ball on, repeatedly. When I finally tried using a ball, I kept on missing it, haha, smh.. I observed myself during the first few hours of playing, and I noticed this: When I cared too much on the techniques, I'd fail on hitting the ball. When I did the technique randomly and only focus on the ball, I did hit the ball..but it was not a far shot. After a while, I realized that my technique was not right either, but we all learned by ourselves out there. Fortunately, there was someone expert next to us noticed my confusion and decided to come over and show us the right technique so we can copy it. The world needs more nice stranger like this.

While editing the video, I also noticed there was indeed a progress. From always missing the ball, accidentally hitting the ball when I was just measuring the stick, lifting my left heel as I prepared to swing, swinging my right leg over my left leg at the end of the swing (I wonder why would I always spin myself around like that), and many other. Only on minute 01:51 I noticed a real progress, seeing the steady left heel and the posture stability. While on minute 02:23, that's the best hit I had that day, I think, posture and power wise. Finally, the farthest hit I made (that the ball plunged into the lake) is on minute 02:23. Barney Stinson once said, "It's not legendary if your friends weren't there to see it," and yep, none of my friends saw that last hit, though they insisted they did. Haha.. I didn't mind they didn't see it, but I just had to tease them about it for the sake of teasing.

Meet Putri (@faradilla.putri), Aldo (@reonaldoalfela), and Fajar (@fajar.chaerul). I put their Insta too this time, because I wasn't sure before if I could do that, until they complained I was being heartless in giving credits. Hahaha.. Forgive me I didn't know, dear friends from office. I'll remember that :p 

This is a story of me picking up food delivery in Putri's place the next day. All delivery men should drop the food in the security gate there, so we had to pick it up by bike because it was quite a distance. That morning, I offered to get them and it's been a while since I rode a bike. I thought I might as well go a few round around the blocks to exercise since I picked it up fast. There was nothing wrong then..until it was.

Pardon the quality, it was captured from a phone video. Yep, Fox Rain! It was bright but suddenly it just rained so heavy when I just got the food and left the security gate. I sped up so much until my legs hurt and I was still drenched. What did Putri and Aldo do? They were debating whether to pick me up with car or not when they realized I was already back dripping -as wet as a sewer rat- and Aldo immediately took out his phone to record me complaining about the rain and laughing. Well, I haven't taken a shower that morning, but..still.. 



  1. Can't wait for your next adventure. Keep up writting, u good at it 👍