Saturday, December 26, 2020

Fixing Hidden Ash Hair Color Before 2020 Ends

December 26, 2020 4 Comments


Two days after arriving in a highland city where my grandma is, I decided to visit my favorite salon of an acquaintance there.


If you are wondering how dare I catching a flight home for Christmas and New Year in this corona time, well, I finally got myself swabbed with an Antigen test. It's like the combination of PCR and Rapid Test (higher accuracy than the antibody one), which costs IDR200k at the CGK airport. I had myself tested a few hours before the flight with a friend, and it was something. I heard if we took a long steady breath in while the nurse is doing the nose plugging, it wouldn't hurt. In my case, it didn't, but it was super ticklish, like holding a sneeze so bad for a long time. It made my eyes teary since the nurse was so spirited in twisting the bud inside for a while for fun (at least that was how it looked to me). I wanted to try swabbing her nose back, but I was in a hurry catching a flight (3 hours of spare time was a close call due to the long queue and walk, I should try 4 hours next time). Still, I'm thankful for the nurse's hard work.

Now back to this salon of an acquaintance. I found her thanks to my cousin, and I like how she has the same style and taste as me. My first impression when I first went there was that she was so pretty to me. I remember she asked me something like, "Lil sis, you are so beautiful! I think I saw you often before. Were you living in X city during school?" Long story short, we came from the same hometown that she even knows my small name, but I didn't even know her existence before! But now I'm a fan. I'm always drawn to older women that are pretty, strong, and driven. It's just that they are so empowering to be around.

2019 was the last I went there for a haircut, so upon seeing me, she bursts, "Yona, pretty Yona! I almost didn't recognize you. You look so much younger and taller. Are you still growing tho? You must be!" I laughed it off and shook my head. In my defense, I probably looked younger because I wore no make-up, and I looked taller because I'm underweight. Oh, but how I missed this jiejie, haha. Then, I consulted my home-dyed and self-cut hair. She took a look at it and smiled. She asked me what color I'd like. I said ash and brown, and I've always wanted to have the ash hidden in the inner layer. She caught on fast and immediately suggested black for the outside layer instead of brown so the ash can stand out from the inside.

Below is the coloring result captured in-door. The thing about ash color, it sometimes looks brown-ish in cameras. :(

My whole life, I have never had such dark black hair since my natural color is dark brown, but the idea seemed intriguing. Even up until now, it's the black hair that caught my attention first in the mirror. It makes me feel cold but fresh, and it fairly contrasts my pale complexion. I woke up to this hair everyday thinking, "My hair so dark like satan's soul. Ooh, but check the ash out." I'm fond of this monochromatic combination. that I want to keep them permanently.


Pictures below are up close in an outdoor setting:

When I think about it, I started to like ash-colored hair thanks to my childhood crush on Danny Phantom. :p

More selfies incoming (pardon the bare face):

I'm thinking of growing it long like Taeyeon's in her new MV "What Do I Call You Now?" or just keeping it short and chic like, well, also Taeyeon singing the same song live here. If you know me, you'll guess that I'll go with the second.

Lastly, you might also wonder about the pretty jiejie I talked about before. After we snapped some pictures together, she mentioned looking cobby standing side by side with me. I just had to stoop a bit while she tiptoed a bit, and voila:

On the left is my cousin Phoebe (@vbi_art), an official illustrator for a webtoon called "Flower For Nao" and on the right is the pretty jiejie (@fannysalonsalatiga). That was our actual height captured, which I still found weird because I don't feel I'm that tall at all. I was measured less than 165cm, hey yo! Anyway, if you happen to visit this small town and needed a salon recommendation, you know her Instagram now. ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Playing Golf For The First Time [For Laugh]

December 16, 2020 2 Comments

Last weekend, I had fun trying out golf for the first time. I can't say I played it right, but there was progress and we at least had a good laugh that day.

There are some mistakes that you probably won't even make, or maybe you might. In my case, at some point I thought I was too light because my body just carried away a bit too much every time I made a swing. This also happened when I tried bowling for the first time, I had to plant my feet in a weird anime stance just because I almost fell into the bowling track as soon as I swung the ball, but that's another story. This time, when I tried golf, I realized that basic technique really matters.  

Below is a video compilation of me playing golf for the first time, first half of it I spent laughing though.

Hope you still enjoy it! :3

Place: Modern Golf & Country Club, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Song: Champagne Problems - Taylor Swift. Taken using: Oppo A9. Video editor: Soloop (found randomly on my mobile after updating system).

You can see in the beginning of the video that I didn't use any ball at all. I just learned how to hit the rubber used to place the ball on, repeatedly. When I finally tried using a ball, I kept on missing it, haha, smh.. I observed myself during the first few hours of playing, and I noticed this: When I cared too much on the techniques, I'd fail on hitting the ball. When I did the technique randomly and only focus on the ball, I did hit the ball..but it was not a far shot. After a while, I realized that my technique was not right either, but we all learned by ourselves out there. Fortunately, there was someone expert next to us noticed my confusion and decided to come over and show us the right technique so we can copy it. The world needs more nice stranger like this.

While editing the video, I also noticed there was indeed a progress. From always missing the ball, accidentally hitting the ball when I was just measuring the stick, lifting my left heel as I prepared to swing, swinging my right leg over my left leg at the end of the swing (I wonder why would I always spin myself around like that), and many other. Only on minute 01:51 I noticed a real progress, seeing the steady left heel and the posture stability. While on minute 02:23, that's the best hit I had that day, I think, posture and power wise. Finally, the farthest hit I made (that the ball plunged into the lake) is on minute 02:23. Barney Stinson once said, "It's not legendary if your friends weren't there to see it," and yep, none of my friends saw that last hit, though they insisted they did. Haha.. I didn't mind they didn't see it, but I just had to tease them about it for the sake of teasing.

Meet Putri (@faradilla.putri), Aldo (@reonaldoalfela), and Fajar (@fajar.chaerul). I put their Insta too this time, because I wasn't sure before if I could do that, until they complained I was being heartless in giving credits. Hahaha.. Forgive me I didn't know, dear friends from office. I'll remember that :p 

This is a story of me picking up food delivery in Putri's place the next day. All delivery men should drop the food in the security gate there, so we had to pick it up by bike because it was quite a distance. That morning, I offered to get them and it's been a while since I rode a bike. I thought I might as well go a few round around the blocks to exercise since I picked it up fast. There was nothing wrong then..until it was.

Pardon the quality, it was captured from a phone video. Yep, Fox Rain! It was bright but suddenly it just rained so heavy when I just got the food and left the security gate. I sped up so much until my legs hurt and I was still drenched. What did Putri and Aldo do? They were debating whether to pick me up with car or not when they realized I was already back dripping -as wet as a sewer rat- and Aldo immediately took out his phone to record me complaining about the rain and laughing. Well, I haven't taken a shower that morning, but..still.. 


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Counting Down to Sweet Home Netflix Series Premiere

December 08, 2020 0 Comments

I've been going around brain-washing people at the office to watch Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan), because the first episode of its season finale just started yesterday, December 7, 2020. I'm still on season 2 right now but I'd still get to the fourth season sooner than those who just started, right? Muhuhaha. The more people to talk about it the better, but unfortunately, this post is not about Attack On Titan. It's about something else I've been waiting for too. Sweet Home!

Sweet Home is a Webtoon series that started on January 15, 2018, and ended on September 29, 2020. I was so sad because after reading it for two years, it really ended- just a day after my birthday. Now that December 18 is only 10 days away.. I feel kind of ecstatic to write about it.

Netflix series Sweet Home (스위트홈) the first season consists of 10 episodes and is directed by Lee Eung Bok, the same director of Descendant of the Sun and Goblin. I honestly don't know who Song Kang is (acts as Cha Hyun Soo) because I haven't watched any of his drama, but I know Lee Do Hyun (acts as Lee Eun Hyuk) from Hotel Del Luna. That sad fireflies guy who waited for Man Wol for three thousand years as fireflies and still didn't get the girl. I really need to see Sweet Home to see if I can let go of that fireflies-guy image after seeing him in this series. As for the female leads, I know Park Kyu Young from IONTBO and Go Min Si from The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (hate that sucky ending).

For me, Sweet Home is a story about how Hyun, a suicidal boy who lost a family in a car accident, going through superb character development while fighting for humanity and controlling his desire during the monster outbreak. Also, the fact that the whole story's setting takes place inside an apartment building is really thrilling.

I smiled when I opened Netflix's page and found "This show is.. Scary, Dark, Suspenseful." under "More Details".

Do you know that this Netflix series is said to have the highest production cost in K-Drama history? Yes, it costs about US$2,4 million for each episode. It even surpasses Arthdal Chronicles with a production cost of US$2 million per episode. Knowing that, I would expect a good CGI with the monsters too and the trailer is looking pretty insane :3

Meet all the casts in the poster teaser. Hope to see them soon in the first episode!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Quick Review: Mise En Scene Hello Cream - Cool Ash

December 04, 2020 2 Comments

You can bet that I was one of you people who tried new things at home during quarantine in the first half of 2020 to stay sane. From drawing on the wall like Rapunzel, cooking new recipes from Tiktok, learning Korean in Duolingo, installing Tinder to find language partner (silly me), cutting my own hair and bangs while watching YouTube tutorials, and finally dyeing my hair with crazy colors.


I will jot down a bit of my hair history before I colored it with Cool Ash from Mise En Scene Hello Cream. Couples of months ago, I agreed to model for my friend's hair product. She bleached my hair twice and pink pastel was applied on the outer part of my hair while purple on the inner layer. The product was from Italy and it was good, but I gotta admit that the color combination was too eye catching that whenever I went for groceries people were always staring like I was some K-pop idol undercover, or odd specimen. To stop the feeling of being a circus lion, the same friend put bleach one more time a week after and dyed my hair in full magenta. I thought, I would just dye it back to brown once office is starting. However, after a month or so, I decided to dye it brown myself..and somehow, my hair turned moss green lol..which is still a mystery to me. After that, I just applied stronger dark-brown color the next week. What a crazy year for my hair. >.<

Now that the moss green was starting to show again, I was kind of curious if ash color would stand out okay on my bleached moss green hair. If you're wondering, my natural hair color is dark brown, but the only two colors I'm willing to stick permanently with are ash brown and light brown. Since I don't think I'll torture my hair with bleach again in the upcoming years, so I'll just try ash now. I can always pull off the light brown without bleach later on.

The package arrived with some cheap Blackpink card, I don't think I need to take a picture of it, so let's just have a look on the stuff inside the box now :3


The box came with a bottle of oxidant (02), additional bottle cap for the oxidant bottle, colorant (01), wrapping ampoule (03), a sachet of hair conditioner, a pair of plastic glove and a plastic cape. Yes, a cape. You read it right.

The oxidant filled one third of the bottle. It came with another comb-like shaped cap.

These two would be mixed into that oxidant bottle together.

This conditioner has the best smell ever! I wonder if I should order just the conditioner later.
A manual. It was written in Korean, and even though I've learned
some words, I still had to use google translate cam. :(
I rarely found gloves that fits my thin fingers, so it was nice that this pair stayed most of the times.
Oh! It's a bit stretchy by the way, so big fingers will fit just fine too.
Now that all set, let's proceed with the steps:  
It looked like this after the oxidant (02) was mixed with colorant (01) and wrapping ampoule (03) ..then I changed the cap too. 
Now putting on the plastic cape. It was just a simple cape but it made
the work easier because I don't need to wash extra towel after.
(This pic also serves as my "before" picture)
I didn't take pictures while I was applying the color, because..well, I couldn't. :/ However, the process was indeed so much easier with the comb head cap. It helped to even out the color with the same hand that did the coloring. I started from the inner layer of the hair outwards and I applied quite boldly too. Even so, when I was done, there was still quite an amount of coloring left. I waited for around 30 minutes, then I washed my hair. I applied the conditioner and I really love the smell, haha. After that, I dried it out with a hair dryer and taadaa! It was done.
Here are the pictures of the result:  
Taken indoor. Hair looked darker and the ash color appeared to be.. silhouettes.
It was hard to capture the ash, I wonder, because on camera my hair appeared to be browner than how it really was.
Only the hair ends looked kind of ash-ish right there.
    From above and a bit of the side again.

Under the sun, out on the balcony.

I'd say I like it ash, but by the time I'm writing this, the annoying moss green is already starting to show again and it's only been two week-ish. ;( I can't wait until my hair grows much longer then I'll lose the bleached part completely before starting with anything new again, that if I still want to try anything new at all. :p